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For a Perfect Italian Wedding a British Wedding Planner based in Italy is the answer.



Dream Academy is a fully legal British / Italian company based in Italy.Our head office is in Gradra ( Le Marche) and we have a second office base in the Verona / Lake Garda area.

We are a fully legal and bonded Italian Tour Operator with the all important insurance policies for civil liability, offering you peace of mind knowing that your event is in safe hands.

Unlike many Wedding Planners who look in disdain at this qualification, haughtily and also wrongly saying “We are not a Travel Agent “,  we on the other hand are happy in the knowledge that what we do is 100% up front and as required by Italian law !

Having this license does not automatically mean offering package weddings and in our case nothing could be further from the truth. We use our license to create only exclusive bespoke weddings firmly believing in authentic experiences and impeccable service.

We can offer you a 360° service including booking your guest hotels and transport etc knowing that this is what the law dictates. In Italy, only Tour Operators can book certain items such as accommodation and transfers direct otherwise this must be done through a 3rd party who holds the license ( adding to costs etc).

Always ask this important question and never be afraid to ask to see their legal licenses.

This is the time not only to decide on your location but also to make sure that the person you want to trust with your special day is fully equipped to offer all services in a legal way.

Your wedding is the most precious day of your life and so you should take time not only to research the best venue , florist, musicians etc but also to spend time in finding the best wedding planner by making sure it is someone who can live up to the great trust they are being honored with.


The figure of a Wedding Planner is a fairly new concept in Italy having been born many years in advance in the USA /UK .

We have over fifteen years experience in planning destination weddings in Italy and so longer than most in the sector.

At Dream Academy, we were planning Italian Weddings to perfection long before it became a kind of modern trend and something that unfortunately today is seen by many as “an easy and fun new job” It is certainly fun, rewarding and for me a “Way of Life” rather than just another day at the office !

We firmly believe that being a Wedding Planner is certainly not an easy “ job”. Far from being a job, it should be seen as a serious Profession that requires lots of hard work , skill, meticulous attention to detail and lots of tender loving care.

Today we are one of Italy’s leading Wedding Planners, offering the highest quality services, our experience has enabled us to build and maintain excellent rapports with all our venues & suppliers. We have tried and tested many in the past years and have now selected the “best of the best” both in terms of quality and value for money.

We don’t organize hundreds of weddings a year preferring to keep it small and intimate, firmly believing that a wedding “You and Your Wedding” is unique and deserves to be treated as such.

What gives us the Leading Edge is that for many years, we have been actively involved with the local authorities and churches in the areas we live and work in and have been responsible for opening the doors to many new locations and venues which now offer weddings with civil validity in private and public locations, offering you the possibility to legally marry in private villas, castles, gardens, beaches and many other outdoor venues.

We do not claim to cover all of Italy as many who do simple hand out your plans to 3rd parties while we prefer to be hands on ,doing what we know best where we know best and so in the areas where we live and have our office bases.

We can offer you a vast and varied selection to choose from some of which are exclusive to us on the overseas market   www.villagionaweddings.com

Thanks to our unique team of British / Italian staff and being based here  in Italy, we are able to offer a fully bespoke wedding planning service capable of meeting every individual style / budget.

When planning a destination wedding, it is paramount to have someone you can communicate with, someone who understands your worries and concerns, who can advise you with their own experience of many different weddings and situations, but also someone who speaks your own language and that of the country perfectly. Marion and Tracey are fluent in Italian and are frequently in Ireland and the UK , giving you the double benefit of meeting both here and at home.

Our links to the various town halls, consulates and religious bodies is a great plus when dealing with what can sometimes be difficult and complicated regarding the legal documentation.

It is lovely when we hear our couples say that planning has been such fun and so stress free.

We are 100% committed to giving you a memorable experience of what Italy has to offer. Between us we have over 30 years in the travel industry, including working for and with major U.K. & Italian Tour operators & also major airlines and corporate travel companies.

In addition, we are owners of a 4 star luxury beach hotel which over the years has gained a strong reputation and many awards from an international market especially in the U.K.







We have relentless energy and work with enthusiasm, passion and knowledge of Italy and its culture. Our motto is “Casa Nostra è Casa Vostra “ Our Home is your Home “ and when you go home you will know that you have not only had a smooth stress free event but also that you have made many new friends for life.
Our Xmas card list gets longer every year and not only do we have your wedding albums in our archives as fond memories, but also lots of photos of “our various new arrivals” too. We love when the bambinos come along and you send us their photo.

We will undertake to turn your special dreams into reality and with our wealth of experience a world of dreams...we ask you to open your eyes to us...just for a second and let us do the rest.

We will leave you to enjoy your dreams while we are busy at work making them come true.

Dream Academy...That's Amore!






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