Symbolic ceremony

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony in Italy

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony in Italy

A symbolic wedding ceremony in Italy is the perfect solution for those who prefer not to worry about completing documents for a civil or religious ceremony.

Such a ceremony has no legal binding and so you the couple have the freedom to personalize the ceremony in such a way that it reflects your own values and beliefs.
A symbolic ceremony by its very personal and unique nature, will vary from couple to couple, and is tailored to suit each and every individual couple.

The symbolic ceremony in Italy can be as traditional or as relaxed as you wish and can be performed by a pastor, an Italian officer or a family member.


We work with Giuseppe and Diane, two amazing English speaking celebrants who will work together with you to ensure your ceremony is done in a professional and meaningful way.

Giuseppe is Italian and completed his theological training at the Vatican.He is also a fluent English speaker as he lived for several years in London.


Giuseppe is able to perform religious blessing ceremonies aided by his thorough knowledge of the Bible and various other theological teachings.


Dianne who is also a fully registered and professional Wedding Celebrant , is an English Literature graduate and teacher who has lived in Italy for many years.
She will individualise your blessing by writing a script especially for you.
She also complements the ceremony with expert recitation of some of the most beautiful poetry and moving readings of the English language.


Giuseppe and Diane often work together as joint celebrants or individually as you wish.

Together they are leading religious, interfaith, multi-faith and non-denominational wedding officiants who are known for their warm, loving and creative approach to blessing couples of all backgrounds, and for guiding them on their journey to the altar and beyond. They encourage such ceremonies for people of all races, nations and religions.


They offer a personalized service constructed in close dialogue with our clients which reflects the personalities and wishes of the happy couple. They will compose a history of your lives together to entertain and inform your guests, including information concerning how and when you first met and the journey as a couple that has led you to celebrate your special day in front of family and friends.


The Blessing they perform can be either religious/spiritual or of a non-religious nature. Whichever you decide you are free to choose as many or as few readings and poems from a wide choice or make suggestions of your own. They will also provide you with a selection of appropriate vows or you may wish to compose your own to make your special day truly unique.


For previously married couples we propose a ceremony of re-dedication of their marriage and family and we believe that each ceremony is sacred regardless of where it takes place. We also like to include certain traditions - like unity candles or the breaking of glass – without making people feel locked into religious protocol. They need to enjoy the moment and experience the magic ... a celebration of the spirit of their relationship.


The most rewarding satisfaction is to be able to share the couple’s delight and happiness on their special day.

You can see some of their work on

Our happy couples have been blown away by their moving and deeply personal services and will be happy to recommend them to you.

I always feel that if you are going to have a symbolic ceremony it is much better to have a professional celebrant rather than your wedding planner do it for example.


Giuseppe and Diane are often copied but never beaten. Simply the best.


Blessing Services & Symbolic Ceremonies

  • Close liaison with couple via email to ensure ceremony reflects couple’s wishes.
  • English speaking Celebrant.
  • Professional recitation of English poetry/readings by Mother tongue English Literature Graduate.
  • Wide selection of appropriate material.
  • Originally scripted speeches dedicated to the couple.
  • Elegant Blessing Certificate.

For friends and family ! You can include your guests as active witnesses by asking them to recite poetry or do readings which have a special significance for you both.



Or perhaps if some of them are gifted singers or musicians have them perform a special song or piece of music just for you.




The beauty of such a ceremony is that it can be performed a wide range of spectacular settings.

A spectacular castle, a medieval courtyard, a lush green vineyard, a romantic Italian garden, historical villas or on the beach.



In Verona we can do symbolic ceremonies also at the famous Juliet’s Balcony.


Many of our couples have had their legal civil wedding the day before in the local town hall with just a few close family members present and then followed this with their “real wedding” the day after in their chosen venue.

I must admit that our symbolic ceremonies have been some of the most moving events ever.

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