The Valpolicella Region-- a perfect setting for a rustic and elegant Italian Wedding.

It is so easy to see why Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have chosen the Valpolicella Region for their new home.

A Luxury Italian Wedding with Villas, Valleys and Vineyards = A Wedding in Valpolicella.

Never has a name so beautifully summed up an area given that the Valpolicella area is home to so many of the world's most famous and prestigious wines.


Valpolicella ----from the ancient name " Val Polis Cellae " meaning the valley of many wine cellars, perfectly sums it up.


A series of small valleys, the Valpolicella area nestling in the shade of the spectacular Monte Baldo, slopes from the Lessini mountains in the Northern Alps to the river Adige which circles the beautiful , romantic city of Verona in the South.


With an excellent climate and Italian rustic landscapes, the area has been a favourite holiday destination since Renaissance times when rich and noble Veronese and Venetian families built their elegant classical style Summer villas surrounded by elegant parks and Italian style gardens, many of which can still be seen and enjoyed today.


An explosion of hilltop villages, rolling hills, waterfalls, caves, lush green countryside, cypress trees, sunflower filled fields, olive groves, fig trees and of course vineyards, the area is a perfect setting for a rustic and elegant Italian Wedding.



Villa Giona is a fine example of this and the perfect setting for your Wedding in Valpolicella.


Offering a setting very similar to Tuscany, but still very much unspoiled and steeped in local tradition, the area is rich in small rustic trattorias producing genuine and mouthwatering dishes made by local hands and using quality local products and of course they will talk to you forever about their wonderful local wines !




Famous local wine producers such as QUINTARELLI, DEL FORNO AND ALLEGRINI produce Valpolicella, Amarone and Recioto wines which have graced the most elegant wedding banquets the world over.

If there is a colour that sums up the Valpolicella Region, then it has to be red, the colour of its wines.


The love affair between man and his vines is ever present here and it is lovely to see the aged, wrinkled hands of the locals who nurture the vines through the spring rains, the torrid summer heat waves and the autumn winds, until the grapes are transformed into fine wines for our happy couples to enjoy on their special day.


Plant your own vine and have a great excuse to come back each year and watch it grow and of course to taste its yield !



The welcome from the people of this valley is one of heartfelt warmth and a love of sharing their land with you.


You will go home having made lots of new friends and will be welcomed back again and again just like one of the family.


With Verona and Lake Grada right on our doorstep it is all just too good to be true.


Never has an area had so much to offer.








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