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Known as The Serenissima, Venice is a city that needs very little introduction.
Beautiful, captivating, romantic and unique Weddings in Venice and The Veneto Region.

Venice weddings Venice weddings

Known as “ The Serenissima “, (The most Serene One) Venice is a city entirely built on water, a series of islands linked by canals and bridges.

Venice is like no other place on this earth.

Elegant palaces and historic villas line the canals, a joy to the eye as you are transported in a Gondola, one of the world’s most famous and unique methods of transport.
This must surely evoke scenes from its stately past when the grand salons of these beautiful buildings echoed to the strains of Vivaldi.

The setting of Venice with its architecture, rich history, art and music surely spells Love and  Romance.

It has been featured in countless films, books and magazines, however, the experience of actually being here and living it for yourself will exceed your imagination and expectations.

The unique island city of Venice with its various means of water transport, will take you far away from the rush and noise of modern city life, surrounding you with timeless elegance and the beauty of times gone by.

The intimate atmosphere of with its tiny bridges, colourful piazzas, gondolas and its rainbow of water and light evokes love and romance and makes this the perfect place for a Wedding in Venice followed by your Italian Honeymoon and offers unforgetable memories for your family and friends who have joined you for your Wedding in Italy.


Many people have tried to capture the magic of Venice in Art, Music and Literary forms but nothing beats actually being there and Living the Dream.

Here are a few famous words which I feel capture Venice in all its spendour:


"Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liquers in one go" - Truman Capote

"A splendour of miscellaneous spirits" - John Ruskin

"There is something so different in Venice from any other place in the world" - Mary Shelley

"Venice is a sactuary" - Bob Farrington

"A realist in Venice would become a romantic" - Arthur Symons

"If you read a lot nothing is as great as you've immagined. Venice is--It's Better" - Fran Lebowitz

"The pleasant place of all festivity. The revel of the earth,the masque of Italy" - Lord Byron

"Smile and be happy. You are in Venice" - Deborah Horne



We have selected a few of Venice's most famous and exclusive hotels, palaces and restaurants for your Dream Wedding in Venice.


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A Venice Wedding                                                                             That's Amore !


Some of the above images have been provided courtesy of Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido in collaboration with Mirko Toffolo Photographer to whom we extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation.


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