Villa Giona
Had Romeo and Juliet known that Villa Giona was right on their doorstep, their choice of wedding venue would undoubtedly have been right here with us in this beautiful 16th century historic villa

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Villa Giona is one of the most prestigious properties in the famous Valpolicella wine producing area.

Dream Academy have a very special love story at Villa Giona and are the official In House Wedding Planners at this stunning venue.

Visit our dedicated website and we guarantee you will fall in love with this property the same way as we have done.

A place of peaceful tranquility nestling amidst vineyards and stunning scenery.

Sparkling fountains, beautiful lush Italian gardens, birdsong and the sound of silence to fill your hearts.

All this and in the enviable position of being only a stones throw from the historic city of Verona and the breathtaking scenery and sparkling shores of Lake Garda.

A place where time stands still, a peaceful green oasis where beauty reigns supreme and where hospitality is professional and heartfelt.


A small piece of paradise where romance hangs heavily in the air and where dreams really do come true.

17 beautifully appointed rooms and suites can be hired for your exclusive use and breakfast in the loggia, overlooking the romantic gardens, is an ideal start to any day.

Relax in the fruit orchards under the shade of the olive trees or enjoy a swim in the sparkling waters of the spacious swimming pool.


A little piece of paradise to enjoy some quality time with loved ones at such a special time in your lives.




In the evening Villa Giona takes on a special magic and one that will live with you forever.


Enjoy one of the many fine wines which are produced on the estate and share your dreams and the company of your family and close friends in one of the most peaceful locations ever.


Retire to the romantic setting of the bridal suite in the tower and prepare for the most important day of your lives in this stunning fairytale scenario.



Italy is renowned for the quality and freshness of its food and at Villa Giona only the best is served and with the top class service which permeates throughout this fine stately home.

Our signature dish at Villa Giona is our “Tortellini di Valeggio” created for the wedding feast of a rich nobleman and his bride to be.

This union was portrayed by a lovers knot tied into the pasta.
A wedding at Villa Giona is just like our famous tortellini ----- your lover’s knots will never unravel.



Top quality meats are slowly roated on our amazing spit roast dating back to the 16th Century.


Selected cuts of hams and salamis are cut on our lovely original Berkel and our local cheeses and home made desserts are to die for..



Never a shortage of wines either as we produce some of the regions top wines right here on the estate. Cin Cin !






Marion says “At Dream Academy we are passionate about finding beautiful places, desire only top class hospitality and service, slow food and excellent wines and when I discovered Villa Giona I just fell in love with the place as it has all this and much much more.



I adore sharing this little corner of paradise with our happy couples and if I had to do it all over again my wedding day would be right here at Villa Giona”.





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