16th Century Palace in Verona
Veronese Palazzo - A Fabulous 16th Century Palace in Verona for Civil Ceremonies & Receptions

A Majestic 16th century palace in Verona for your civil ceremony and reception all under one roof.

Verona,the city of Romeo and Juliet, offers you the perfect location for a romantic Verona wedding with style and elegance.

With its origins as far back as the late Middle Ages and its present day form dating back to the 16th Century, this private and secluded Palace with its secret garden is situated in the historic center of Verona, our favourite Italian city.

In the enviable  position, on the banks of the River Adige and infront of Castelvecchio, this beautiful sanctuary of peace and tranquillity is at the same time , only a five  minute  walk from Piazza Bra and the Arena. Lots of stunning opportunities for your Italian Wedding photographs.

As you leave the world behind and enter the majestic gates, the monumental facade, ionic columns, grand sweeping staircase and the peaceful sanctuary of the noble courtyard will give you the first taste of the treasures that await you.


Undoubtedly one of Verona's finest private palaces this is a majestic entrance for the bride as she goes to meet her loved one and the perfct setting for your cocktail reception or wedding banquet.


The Main Hall is adorned with important and original masterpieces and frescoes from the Renaissance period, antique furniture, a stunning sparkling chandelier and a precious Viennese pianoforte creating an atmosphere of days gone by when elegance and beauty were the key notes.

Leading from the main hall is a series of 6 smaller rooms filled with historical evidence of the palace’s noble past including historical documents, drawings and photos, antique furnishings and mirrors, ornaments and pottery and artifacts.

The various rooms are ideal for your wedding in Verona regardless of size, thus offering a setting ranging from grand and majestic to small and intimate.

The jewel of this noble residence is its secret garden ,  an unexpected and astonishing oasis  in the historic city center. The garden was realized in the middle of the nineteenth-century  and Romanticism period and still maintains many of its original features:  ultracentenarian trees, the grotto, the berceau and several finds from past centuries.

This property is an ideal location to celebrate your legal civil wedding ceremony in Verona and can also be used as  venue for your reception.

There are many variations of how your wedding can take place in this wonderful setting.

You can celebrate your legal Italian civil wedding ceremony either in the majestic hall or outdoors in the flowering paradise of the gardens.


Protestant, Hindu, Jewish and Symbolic wedding ceremonies can also take place within this stunning jewel in Verona the City of Love.

The secluded courtyard can host your champagne reception as you exit the majestic staircase , followed by your wedding banquet in the secret garden, a real oasis in the centre of the city of love.

The grand hall can be used as your banquet setting  with the smaller rooms being the scene for your champagne reception.

A location where the warm welcome and true hospitality is guaranteed from the noble family who still inhabit the palace today and who have maintained the glory of its noble past with love and attention.

We have a small luxury boutique hotel with 4 exquisitely decorated rooms just outside the Veronese Palazzo and where we can have the exclusive hire of the propertyfor the bridal party.

Contact us for further details of how you can have a majestic and intimate Wedding in Verona, a lively and cosmopolitan city whilst at the same time stepping back in time.


A wedding in Verona Italy. A true Romeo and Juliet Wedding experience with Dream Academy - Verona's leading wedding planner.


Verona Città del Amore                        That’s Amore !

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