A dramatic firework display for your wedding day!

Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks

Just as your guests thought things couldn’t get any better, why not surprise them with the perfect finale to your perfect Wedding Day?


A stunning firework display after dinner will leave them totally spellbound.
They will talk about it for months to come and you will remember it forever..




Just immagine both of you locked in a loving embrace as you watch the magical spectacle unfold before you eyes.


Everytime you see fireworks afterwards, you will almost certainly think back to the happy memories of when you had a firework display just for you.






A firework display is a great backdrop as you cut your wedding cake.

If kept a secret from your family and friends it is a treat to watch their reaction as you treat them to suchj a perfect end to a perfect day.



We can arrange a professional team of fully legal experts who can arrange displays to suit your wishes and budget.

Many special effects are available and we can even have your names or initials in a lighted heart.
For a real heart stopping effect , we can also have them synchronized to the sound of Pavarotti and Andea Bocelli.


How much more Italian can it get?

When it comes to putting on a magical display, nobody does it better than the Italians !!

This is a totally spine tingling effect and leaves not a dry eye in the place.


I often get calls from the parents of the couple asking to help them arrange a surprise firework display and wow do I love doing this. When the couple react it is just such an emotional moment.


So you can always drop the hint to the folks :)


Contact us for further details.


END YOUR PERFECT DAY WITH A BANG !!                                                 THAT’S AMORE!!

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