Darren & Kalina Villa Giona
Darren & Kalina - Civil Ceremony in a Verona Palace and Reception at Villa Giona Verona

Saturday 26th May 2012


You did a brilliant job and we loved every single minute of it ! You did everything we asked of you and more !

I honestly can't wait to see all the things I never saw on the day - I didn't even know my Nan was dancing ? Ha Ha, it will be like big brother all seeing eye !

I received the DVD and I absolutely love it. I laughed and I cried ! Unfrotunately Darren hasn't seen it yet as he isn't home for another 10 days but I am positive he will love it too.

I took it round to Karen and Dick's last night and they thought it was brillian too.

Thank you Tullio for producing something so wonderful xx

Lots of Love

Darren & Kalina xx

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