Italian Wedding Cakes

Italian Wedding Cakes - Such Sweet Temptation !

The history of the wedding cake goes back as far as the Roman Empire, well before the concept of elaborately icing a cake, was invented.
Over the years, some wedding cake traditions have survived but thankfully the custom of breaking the cake over the bride's head is no longer practiced!
Wedding cakes take center stage in the traditional cake cutting ceremony, symbolically the first task that you will perform as husband and wife.
The simple wedding cake has evolved today into a multitiered extravaganza for everyone, once only reserved for English royalty.
For those of you who really want the cherry on the cake, why not plan your cake cutting around a spectacular firework display ?
What bride does not dream of a traditional English/American-style wedding cake designed just for her, even if you are having a Wedding in Italy?
In Italy the traditional British / American style of wedding cake with a rich fruit filling, marziapn and icing, is still a fairly new concept to most Italian bakers but that said, a traditional Italian Wedding Cake remains visualy stunning and truly scrumptious.
In Italy we belive that the cake should not only look great but taste even better ! The focus is very much on using fresh ingredients in an elegant way. 
Our expert cake designers will work with your designs , creating your dream cake using delicious fillings and decorations , making it a true work of art.
We just love going that extra mile to also fulfil your wishes and our trusted cake designers take pleasure in creating bespoke Italian Wedding Cakes.
This is a creation we did for our lovely couple Kay and David . Kay started off by choosing her cake stand before the cake but then that is Kay !
She had a beautifully custom made crystal stand made which was going to be transformed into a chandelier after the wedding.
A great and unique memory of the day producing a stunningly unique cake in keeping with Kay’s theme of diamonds, crystals and vintage look.
It was amazing and I am still licking my lips at just how good it was too and I still have extra inches on my hips too !
Another couple had a more savoury approach to their wedding cake and opted for tiers of tasty local cheeses producing a very eye catching wedding cake with a difference. It made an ideal midnight snack too when served with bread and a selection of our local speciality candied fruits.
Some of our couples prefer to bring a more traditional British / American fruit cake over with them , complete with fun cake toppers.
We are happy to assist you in presenting this in a majestic and magical atmosphere with no shortage of flowers, candles and lanterns to set the scene.
Traditional Italian Wedding Cake Fillings

The Millefoglie Wedding Cake
This is one of the most popular Italian Wedding Cakes, a crisp puff pastry with cream chantilly and vanilla filling. Add some chocolate chips and the result is an absolutely scrumptous, cruchy, creamy , melt in your mouth sensation ! Presented as one large cake or a larger tiered creation.
Fresh Fruit Cake
A light sponge base using fresh chantilly cream topped with colourful fresh seasonal fruit. Deliciously fresh and tasty and ideal on a Summer's evening.
Torta Mimosa   A light vanilla sponge base with fresh cream and fresh succulent pineapple chunks. Deliciously fresh on a hot summers evening. Tiramisu Cake 
Normally it is the bride who has a clear idea of her wedding cake but this was a special request from the groom for a giant tiramisu ! Looks happy !
Naked Wedding Cake
The trend for a naked wedding cake has taken off in Italy too, where a minimal outer layer of frosting is used to expose the cake texture and filling.

We look forward to helping you design your perfect Italian Wedding Cake and to helping you eat it too !
Dream AcademyItalian  Wedding Cakes are Truly Scrumtious.!!                                                                                                              THAT'S AMORE !!

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