Italian Wedding Hair & Make Up

Italian Hair and Make Up artists to make you Pretty as a Picture !


Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day and here at Dream Academy we have a team of professional Italian hair and make up artists who will come and pamper you in the comfort of your hotel on your wedding morning.
Your room looks more like a beauty salon on the day as they arrive to transform not only the bride and bridal party but also many of your guests.
I suggest that the bride and bridesmaids do their prep in one room leaving guests in another to give you more privacy and less fuss around you.
The guys have it easy as they tend to arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony, comb their hair and brush their teeth and they are ready to roll !
We girls take longer to get ready so let's make your wedding morning fun ---- Hairdryers, Lipstick and Prosecco at the ready girls ! Let the party begin !

Italy is well known the world over for it's style and design and some of the best hair and make up stylists are Italian. We have chosen our stylists with great care and have worked together with them for many years. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found some of the best.
MEET THE TEAMIvan leads his staff of highly skilled and professional stylists and is well known throughout Italy having taken part in many renowned forums and even as stylist to none other than the Miss Italy contestants and winners.
Ivan is a real character with a wealth of knowledge and skill and no style is ever too elaborate or difficult for him.
Our brides are special to him and they just rave about his results. A pre wedding trial will make sure everything will be  picture perfect on the day.

Fiamma our lovely make up artist has many years experience working for some of the biggest names such as Chanel and Dior.
Currently up to date with all the latest make-up trends and will transform your look whither you want a dramatic effect or to keep it simple and natural.
A pre wedding trial will ensure you look just perfect on the day and above all feel happy with your look.
Hair and makeup are different priorities for every bride but everyone wants to look back at their wedding album and see how stunning they looked.
It is important that you feel comfortable not only with the stylists but also with the products they use and how they interpret them for you.
Don’t be afraid to try a few different styles and looks, it might take a few trials for everything to come together but TRUST ME-you will look amazing.

Few brides want radical changes made for their wedding hair style, but good enhancements don’t have to be revolutionary.
Planning and discreet experimentation is the key , highlights, curls, subtle trims or creative layering can add luster to your hair and your day.
Do your experimenting at least 6-8 weeks before the wedding so you and your stylist can make necessary changes and corrections.
When you go for your trials, bring along pictures of your hair style and your dress and if possible a piece of the dress fabric and headpiece or veil.
With such a wide selection of headpieces and veils to choose from, it is important that you also consider your hairstyle when making that choice.
If it’s an elaborate hair style, you’re better with a simpler veil or headpiece. If you are keeping it simple then go for something more prominent.
Above all, the dress, veil or headpiece, and hair style should be consistent, comfortable and something you feel confident with.
Another point to consider regarding hair is the time of year and the weather. Think about how your hair reacts to heat and humidity.
Remember, the best hair style for you is one that reflects your personality. It should be a style that is in perfect balance with your headpiece and gown.
Italian brides traditionally always have their make-up done professionally and look stunning in their wedding pictures.
A good make-up artist can also guarantee that your perfect glow will last through the longest of wedding days ,including dancing the night away !! 
Although you may tend to use the same makeup day in day out, be prepared to let the experts tempt and inspire you with new trends, however, by all means feel free to bring along your own particular favourites too.
Unless you have them on a regular basis, a facial will just pull the impurities to the surface and cause you to breakout. Don't make any changes to your skincare products or makeup in the weeks leading up to the event either if you want to look as flawless as possible.
It's an art getting the right make up look but with the helping hand of our professional artist and her “box of tricks” the end results will be well worth it.
There is a difference between daytime and evening makeup so bear this is mind if you are changing your look / dress for the evening.
Fiamma will always leave you swatches of the products so that you can touch up throughout the day if need be and our team will be happy to return in the evening to touch up makeup or change hair styles if you are having a different evening look / change of dress.
Most couples choose Italy for their wedding to enjoy the beautiful sunshine, a healthy tan can look great on a bride but sunburn can be a nightmare.
Do take care not to end up with too much sun which will ruin your make up and also be uncomfortable.
The only lobsters we want to see should be on your wedding banquet plates !!
We can also supply a full range of beauty treatments such as manicures, pedicures, luxury spa, and even a list of pampering for the boys too ! 
With good planning, attention to detail and the Dream Academy beauty team, you won't have a bad hair day but will look great all day long.



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