If Music be the food of love play on!!

Whatever your choice of wedding style, be it small and intimate or a large lavish affair, music will without a doubt play an important role in the day.It is important to use music during all the key moments of your wedding day from the wedding ceremony to the all important party after dinner. 
Choosing the right music to suit your wedding day can often be a difficult task but you are in safe hands at Dream Academy as Marion is a qualified classical musician and accomplished pianist. Marion is passionate about all aspects of your wedding but music is obviously very dear to her heart.
“All of our musicians are professionaly trained and must meet my own very high standards before I will suggest them to my couples ” says Marion. “They have all been auditioned by myself and as I also speak the language of music it is a huge advantage when I have to discuss repertoires with them. They know that I don’t accept second fiddle from anyone” jokes Marion. “ We we are in perfect harmony from the first bar”.
It is important to decide what kind of atmosphere you want to create and at what point in the proceedings and then to choose your music accordingly.

When selecting your ceremony music bear in mind the formality of the event and whither it is a religious, civil or symbolic ceremony.
If you are having a Church Ceremony then normally they will have set certain guidelines and most religious denominations consider a wedding mass to be a form of worship and for this reason most churches do not allow secular music ( non-religious popular music) during the actual ceremony.
Most will allow this while guests are arriving but not during the ceremony, check with the church for more specific guidelines as they vary greatly.
Civil Ceremonies offer you more choice of music, allowing you to use more modern music and select your own favourite and meaningful melodies.
Ideal musicians for your Religious Wedding Ceremony in Italy are our string quartet, harp, flute and soprano or organ and soprano.
When our soprano sings Ave Maria there is never a dry eye in the house.
For a Civil Wedding Ceremony the above are also very moving or you could also use Ivan our gifted Sax player.
Nothing beats having live musicians during your wedding ceremony as it adds to the moving and special feel of the moment.

Music is also a major part of your Italian Wedding Reception and should be planned carefully creating different atmospheres and emotions .
Your music should be remembered and enjoyed for a long time to come so bear in mind the age and musical tastes of your guests.
It is unlikely that everyone will share the same musical tastes so try and keep it as varied as possible.
There are many options for reception music,String Quartet, Harpist, Jazz Band, Band,Mandolin, Clarinet/Saxophonist, DJ etc. the list is endless.
On arrival at your reception venue, it is always a lovely touch to have music playing in the background as your guests mingle enjoying their welcome cocktails, it also keeps them entertained while you are having photographs done around the location.
Our 12 piece Jazz Band ,both musically and visually stunning with smooth Jazz, popular modern and light classical music being a great choice.
During your Wedding Banquet you may or may not wish to have music playing as your guests are seated at their tables.
As a general guideline, music should be just loud enough to be heard without intruding in conversation and is great as a filler between courses.
The string quartet, harpist, mandolins or saxophonist are ideal choices or you could ask your DJ to set up some soft background music.
If you are having speeches , make sure that the musicians/DJ knows at what point and they could also help you with suitable musical introductions etc.
When selecting a band or DJ for your Wedding Reception you first need to think about the atmosphere you want to create.
Do you want a big party atmosphere with dancing or a more low key background music allowing for more conversation? 
Whatever you decide , have them play a bit of everything from 50’s to present day as  you will likely have a range of ages and musical tastes to satisfy. Our DJs have a wide repertoire and are well versed in weddings, knowing how much good party music is important in the success of a great wedding! My personal feeling for the party is that a DJ is the best choice as the music will be what you want having drawn up a playlist with him in advance. Often live wedding bands in Italy are better suited to Italian weddings although we do have a few with experience of Destination Weddings in Italy.
Your First Dance is one of the most waited for parts of the reception and if chosen well can be either moving or entertaining, the choice is yours.
Some like the Fred Astaire /Ginger Rodgers approach while others are terrified at the thought, do what you feel comfortable with.
Yvan is worth his weight in gold to us and has always received standing ovations from guests young and young at heart!
He plays both sax and clarinet ( NOT AT THE SAME TIME ) ! His teacher played with the greats in the Jazz World, Benny Goodman to name but one. He plays over a wide range of bases adding a full orchestral/band sound to his performance and his repertoire ranges from easy jazz to light classical and from Italian classics such as That's Amore etc to modern day favourites.
Yvan is an excellent choice for your Champagne Welcome Reception and can also carry on throughout your wedding dinner playing between courses, giving you a great time span with only one musician but a wide range of musical style. A real showman who has always given 110% in service and value.
Yvan can also play during your civil or symbolic ceremony and is happy to allow us to use his sound equipment for speeches etc too. We LOVE Yvan !

For all you lovely Scottish couples planning a Scottish Wedding in Italy, we have a real Scottish Piper so you can hear the skirl of the pipes on the day ! Nick is amazing and comes in full Highland Dress, he is ideal for piping the bride into the ceremony and entertaining guests at your Champagne Reception. He also plays with a full Ceilidh Band should you wish to use them for your after dinner party. The locals love the sound of the bagpipes!

Often couples entrust their wedding music to amateurs to reduce costs but it really is worth allocating some of your budget to professional musicians.
With Dream Academy, You will "Hit the Right Notes" and your wedding day will be enjoyed and remember by all.


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